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Pastoral Letter, December 24, 2021

The time is nigh!

The light of the world dawns!

The Morning Star breaks the hold of the oppressive night!

Today, the world has changed and the King of all the earth has taken up humanity and brought his Kingdom with him!

Nothing else matters.

The pandemic doesn’t slow the Kingdom a single beat. It might impact upon traditional celebrations. Pandemic restrictions may hinder seasonal gatherings. Our worship service will have restrictions laid upon it.

God’s Kingdom will not be stopped. Not in the slightest.

If we mourn the absence of normal let us take a moment to celebrate that Christmas signified an end to what was considered normal. A King out of poverty instead of affluence. A Sovereign out of obscurity instead of celebrity. A Monarch away from home instead of ensconced in a palace. A Lord who has come to serve rather than to be served.

Christ came to turn the world upside down. Christmas is celebrated to remember that Christ came to turn the world upside down. Love your family. Celebrate the season. Share the gospel.

May God bless you, your homes, and families with peace this Advent Season!

-Reverend John Maich

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