Governance at George Street

George Street United Church is governed by a Modified Mission Team Model - one of three models of church governance approved by The United Church of Canada. Our Church Management Team (CMT), which acts as the board, is comprised of 10 members. 

Members of the CMT are elected for a 3-year term. This governing structure affords opportunities for renewal and refreshment for the entire congregation. We need to remind ourselves that we are members of the Body of Christ (the New Testament term for the church) and that we are all ministers in the church; each of us has a special and distinctive gift or ministry to perform in the church. As we try to be obedient to Christ and walk in his ways, God will renew and restore the church through us.


The Church Management Team is comprised of:

Chair: Bonnie Fox

Recording Secretary: Robert McNeily

Spiritual Leadership Lead: Erika Winsor-Dunn

Sustainment Team Lead: Doreen Barbour

Christian Education Lead: Kathy Winsor

Vision and Mission Lead: Cheryl Ash Walsh

Communications Team Lead: Riley Shea

Ministry & Personal Rep: Bob Rockett

United Church Women Rep: Ruth Butler

JPMOC Rep & Trustees Rep: Rev. John Maich