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Notable Features of George Street United Church

Carvings of the Ten Commandments

These two stone-like tablets with the Ten Commandments etched in writing  are placed on either side of the choir loft. They were carved in wood by Thomas Pottle, a well-known craftsman and worker of the Horwood Lumber Company. He also did the woodwork at the front of the building.

10 Commandments Carving 1 of 2.jpg
10 Commandments Carving 2 of 2.jpg


The church’s organ, a Rodgers 945 Organ, uses parallel digital imaging technology to go beyond digital sampling to create the realism of a pipe organ. The organ is also capable of accepting real pipes, and there are 4 supplemental ranks of real pipes currently installed, which add a beautiful tone. The organ sits behind the choir loft. This organ is the biggest Rodgers organ east of Montreal.


Ship's Bell

This ship’s bell is located in the church’s sanctuary. The plaque below it reads that it was donated in loving memory of Captain Morrissey Johnson, a sealing captain, a member of the parliament of Canada, and a folk hero. It also has a short poem. The plaque was donated by Barret’s Funeral home. It was the wish of Captain Johnson’s family that the bell be rung during funerals for people of the sea.

Ship's Bell.jpg

Crocheted Cloth Depicting the Lord's Prayer

This crocheted cloth in the church sanctuary was made by Mrs. Susie Fradsham and was dedicated in loving memory of her husband, John Fradhasm. In this crocheted cloth, there is intricately patterned a motif of Christ in the attitude of prayer. Underneath are woven the words of the Lord’s Prayer. Crocheted flowers also adorn the border of this beautiful work of art.

Crocheted Cloth Depicting Lords Prayer.jpg

Collection Of Photos of Churches of Old St. John's

This display of photographs of prominent churches in the area from the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s. It is in the hallway near our office. It includes a photo of this church dated 1872, a photo of the Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist dated 1847, a photo of St. Patrick’s Church dated 1855, a photo of Gower Street United Church date 1896, a photo of the Roman Catholic Basilica of St. John the Baptist dated 1841, a photo of Cochrane Street United Church dated 1915, a photo of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church “The Kirk” dated 1894, a photo of Wesley United Church dated 1907 and finally a photo of St. Thomas’ Anglican Church dated 1836. The collection itself is credited to Jeff Pollock and dated 2002. It was donated in memory of Hedley Taylor by his son David in 2003.

Churches of Old St Johns Photo Collection.jpg

Art of The Last Supper

This work of art depicting the Last Supper hangs in the back of the church’s sanctuary. It was presented by the George Street Couples Club and was made by Josh and Ruby Shea. It is dated 1975.

Last Supper.jpg

Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows bearing the symbol of the United Church of Canada.

Stained Glass Windows.jpg

Wall of Ministers

A wall with pictures of our past ministers.

Wall of Past Ministers.jpg
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