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Sunday Worship

We worship Sunday Mornings at 11:00


Visitors are always welcome.


A nursery and Sunday School classes are available during worship.

The services are greatly enhanced by the music provided by our organists and choirs


For details and inquiries on booking a wedding at George Street, please review the wedding policy linked below.


After you have reviewed the policy, reach out to Rev. John Maich by email

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Baptism is a time of much joy and celebration at George Street United Church. During the act of Baptism, vows are taken that the Congregation of George Street United Church takes very seriously. It is expected that adults being baptized or the parents of children/infants being baptized meet with our Minister in advance to understand the purpose and meaning of Baptism; discuss the requirements and set a date for the baptism to take place during a regular congregational worship service. If you would like to learn more about Baptisms at George Street United Church, please contact the Church office, to request a meeting time with our minister and complete a Baptismal Record Form.


At George Street United Church, we usually celebrate communion, the sharing of the bread and wine (grape juice) on the first Sunday of each month, as well as on Easter Sunday. The exception would be the months of July, August, and September when we do not offer communion.


Also, we may provide other opportunities to celebrate communion for special services or by special request to our minister. (For those unable to attend services i.e. shut-ins/living in nursing homes etc…) If you would like to request a visit from our minister to celebrate communion.

Please reach out to our minister by calling the church office Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 12 noon or by email

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is a vital part of the ministry of George Street United Church. We strive to carry out a visitation program for folks who are shut-in at home, in hospitals and in nursing homes. Pastoral care to folks who experience the loss of a loved one is perhaps the most meaningful to us and to others. When you receive despairing news or suffer a loss, please call the church office 

Funerals & Memorial Services

We also team with the St. John’s area funeral homes to provide meaningful memorial and funeral services.

To speak with our minister about planning a funeral or memorial service, please contact the church office 

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