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The Alier Family

The Alier Family

Because of the war and dangerous living conditions in Sudan/South Sudan these children went to Uganda as refugees with their mother, Agot. Their father had been killed in the war.

Tragically, Agot passed away in June 2016 leaving her five children (now ages 7 to 18) who, for the last two years have been cared for by their uncle Malek (now 22).

Since moving to Uganda, the president has been trying to ‘rid’ the country of refugees. Returning to the South Sudan was out of the question for these children. So, for the last two years they have been living in Malek’s small university apartment and due to the political unrest, there were times when it was very unsafe for them to go outside, sometimes for weeks at a time.

Since Agot’s death, her sister, Aduei Riak and her husband, Matthew LeRiche, from St. John’s, applied to the Canadian government to bring the family to Canada under the private refugee sponsorships scheme, with the support of the Association of New Canadians. This 2-year process finally came to an end in April 2018. They are here. They are safe. They have hope.

Thank you for your donation. Their mother would be so grateful.


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